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I don’t know what’s worse…. the Ferrari built to an old BMW design, or the typo.

We all make mistakes, but it’s an abject and public lesson in the importance of constantly checking your work, your words, your grammar and your spelling. If you think it doesn’t matter because you’re writing a blog, an email, etc… then you’ll probably just become immune to errors. And, sooner or later, it WILL matter. But you won’t be looking out for the mistakes any more. is free. Spell-check is built into almost everything. Learn the difference between their and there, your and you’re. Care about the words you use, the construction, the flow. Check what you’ve written. Have a genuine fear of imperfection. After all, it’s what helps deliver great design and great engineering… don’t let it be lost from communications.

I’ll stop ranting now (not least for fear that I’ll find the rest of this blog is ridden with typos and grammatical errors!).