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Campari has been a vanguard advertiser for it’s entire history. I love the old works from Warhol and Cappiello or this one by Munari. However, times have changed and it’s more raunchy these days…

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Enter the Hotel Campari at Campariusa.com and see Salma Hayek shimmy through the hotel. Or, just watch it here, courtesy of YouTube

I’m not one to frown at this – certainly not Selma! But it does remind me of the Wyclef lyrics from “Thug Angel…”

“What’s goin’ on? Today to sell a song you need a video with soft porn”

And, makes me think – is the “sex sells” thing (which seems to be re-emerging quicker than an 80s leggings fashion wave) back for good? Seems that we’ve somehow slipped back to an old advertising approach, which lacks a real idea. My ‘don’t be a prude’ side is wrestling with my ‘can’t we do something better than just show a bit more skin to sell?’ side! I suspect that lots of people will go and look at this, because it’s a saucy shot of Selma Hayek and she’s very attractive. But, does it really say anything about Campari? I guess the old stuff didn’t either, but it did say “Contemporary.” There’s a world of fashion ads that do a similar thing – with an equal lack of idea – and they have promoted brands to a super-premium value, so maybe there’s no need for an idea.

The Agent Provocateur spot with Kylie was no better, but the product did at least feature prominently and it seems like there’s an idea – not least that this was a first to get viral attention through soft porn (umm, well, in the name of advertising and featuring a star, maybe!)…

I wish I could find an ad I remember from France – it was an eighties one, where a naked girl caresses her body with a cold bottle of Orange Juice. Maybe that was a epic hint to what’s coming?