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One of those “planners love this stuff” comparisons… But I’m blown away by how different the recall figures are from the like figures. VW isn’t even in the top 10. Which is Bob Garfield’s whole spiel. But it doesn’t entirely stack up. After all, the whole selling entertainment thing is exactly what the pug does as well. Yes, the guy’s holding a Dorito throughout, but don’t tell me the answer is to have your product front and centre for the whole ad, otherwise it doesn’t work. Hmmm…

The Pug has some 2 million plus youtube views, whilst the pint-sized Darth Vader has 28.5 million and climbing. So VW is getting likes, getting spread around, gaining more momentum and more free viewing. People are talking about it. Makes me wonder… what would the scores be now… a week later? Which ad would be recalled more?

As with everything, there’s really only one metric that actually matters… which one impacts the business most? Personally, I’d bet that they both work equally well on that score. The memorability of one will counteract the likeability of the other. After all, if the only score was likeability, all ads would be playing on warmth and then 1984 wouldn’t be a great ad.

Doesn’t stop the VW force, though. It’s just a great ad. And some petty “it won’t do anything for the brand” will all turn out to be wrong.

Great works. Always.