I don’t know if this is a request for too much sharing, but I’ll ask…

Would planners be willing to share their brief templates?
Or, at least, the questions that are asked on briefs…

Maybe, just share what you remember templates to be at places you’ve worked previously? (if that feels more comfortable!)

Here’s what I’m thinking:

10 years ago, there used to be a great poster with all the agency briefs on it. By and large, they all looked the same – I’m sad to say, I can’t find it.

I’m wondering whether today it’s different or the same… do we ask different things at different agencies? Which agencies have no template at all? Do any of them?

I’m happy to hear about process too, but not expecting people to divulge anything that’s proprietary.


I’ll also admit my bias upfront, which is to look at whether we ask enough about the business problem in our briefs…