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USA Today has now released the results of the AdMeter survey. Which shows us the most voted-for ads from the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, TechCrunch have released the ads which TiVo users watched most – at least the ones they were least likely to fast forward and which had the biggest “bump” in viewing relative to the surrounding 15 minutes of programming. So, if we’re to believe the methodology is sound, that’s what people actually responded to “live”. I also had a peek yesterday at what was getting the best votes on Ad Age: Let’s pretend this is a fair summary of the industry view, for the sake of argument. Finally, there’s the journalistic opinion – that comes from Stuart Elliott at The New York Times. And here’s the summary of all that different voting.

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A few things hit me, not least how different people’s real behaviour is from how they’d like to see themselves:

1. The critics, industry and USA Today are all behind the Budweiser “Brotherhood” ad – dead right, too – it’s excellent. Stand out winner for me. BUT… It doesn’t even make an appearance on the “what people took notice of on the day”. Thank goodness for the post views on YouTube, where it’s already racked up 9.3 million views.

2. Two of my favourites, Taco Bell “Viva Young” and VW “Get in. Get happy”, don’t make any mark on the USA Today poll. Both scored with actual viewers, though – with Taco Bell coming in number 1.

3. The universally derided spots from Pepsi & GoDaddy (honestly, read the press) might not have been liked, but they got watched.

4. How come Doritos “Fashionista Dad” beat “Goat for Sale”? I know the answer really – same reason that Hyundai “Epic Playdate” was beaten by “Team”: people love a story.

Notes on the table: Stuart Elliott ranked his alphabetically, so they’re not in a comparative order. I’ve “fudged” the results for Ad Age, since it’s more which ads had a Four Star or a Three point Five star rating that I used to pick them.

If you haven’t indulged yet, or just got locked out of the Ad Age collection, you can still see all the ads, here at USA Today, or here at Super