Image from N8 Van Dyke.

We had a working session with Carat mid last week – and one of the speakers was an addiction therapist at Promise in London – a top UK clinic for recovery from addiction.

He spoke for about 20 minutes about “commitment” and the trials of recovering from something as powerful as alcohol or drug addiction. There was a lot in there that was incredibly warming and hopeful, as well as some very harsh stories.

But, there was one thing that he said which has stuck with me ever since. It was one of those “insights” that genuinely makes you look at things in a different light…

He talked about the “Terrorist On Your Shoulder.”
The terrorist is always there and he only wants one thing – to see you dead.

The idea that there’s a malevolent being (even if it is yourself at a weaker moment) waiting for you to slip up so it can kill you is a particularly vivid mental picture. And says so much.

This isn’t the usual light-hearted rubbish I post, but it’srare to have something so meaningful to share.
(I’m not sure about the use of this image, either, but it said something to me.)