(Image source: Tom Fishburne – The Marketoonist)

YouTube views of Super Bowl Ads

Now we’re almost a week from Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I’d see what’s getting viewed on YouTube – and compare that to the USA Today Poll… then just dig into the figures a bit.

And the results are interesting – yet again, what people claim to like (i.e., what they vote for) is very different from real world behaviour (i.e., what they watch). Geeky moment, but this is why I love digging into the data behind things – to look at real behaviour, since I’m growing certain that all claimed responses are entirely wishful/fictional! Note: This doesn’t mean that research can’t tell you valuable things, nor that it isn’t invaluable for host of answers that aren’t available through behavioural data, but you can’t help question to what extent people responding to questions gives you reality.

Anyway, back to the ads: straight away, that ad we all shy away from with the awkward kiss between Bar Rafaeli and an unknown geek is back up in popularity again, coming in third place. But Toyota’s RAV4 ad – Genie, starring Kaley Cucco, comes in pole position. It’s good to see Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” with the horse and breeder/trainer coming in a respectable 4th place, but Tide’s Miracle Stain ad has vanished from the top ten (if you look at the full list below, you’ll see it’s just made the top 20. Likewise, the NFL ad, which is hard to even find on YouTube.

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 18.19.59.png

Next up, let’s look at the full list, but also how well these brands are “owning” (terrible word, but it seems fitting!) the views… In other words, how much of their viewing figures are through the official video – the one where they control the description and are able to put links to brand sites, social pages, etc… Toyota, Samsung, VW, Audi, Coke, JEEP all score over 95% – so they’ve managed to keep the conversation and the views in an environment they control. I’m not claiming they’ll all be on YouTube rather than in embedded players, etc. but this should mean that they’re not having ads for other brands playing before the video starts. Which is a real problem once your views are on someone else’s channel. I just watched a Kia ad with a 2 minute BMW UK ad as a pre-roll – which proves the point.

Incidentally, Coca Cola’s Security Cameras spot is so low because all the views are from the original version (which was aired in June 2012, and originally made for Coca Cola Latin America by Landia)

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 18.29.43.png

Finally, let’s look at an aggregated score – what happens when you include the views of Trailers (and, for Sodastream, that banned ad which is getting a lot more views than the one aired)… Toyota still does well, but we see VW climb into the Top 3, Mercedes leapfrog to 4th place (driven more by Kate Upton than “Soul” and Samsung hits a phenomenal 22m+ views.

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 18.42.07.png

Note to reader: These figures were collated from searching YouTube on key words around these ads. They’re not going to be 100% correct AND, once you read this post, they’re probably out of date – hopefully, they’re still ranking the same, though!