There’s a lot I liked this year. And some controversial ones too: I’m not sure that Audi’s prom guy was brave or just out of order. GoDaddy managed to stir controversy as usual. And VW was accused of racism, although I don’t subscribe to it personally – great ad that makes you smile. I think I liked the teaser for Taco Bell even more than the ad, but that was a corker too. Samsung entertained. In fact, all the car ads were pretty good. JEEP took a very different position, but a lovely way to combine personal ownership with Jeep’s army contract. I liked Oreo’s Whisper Fight – particularly the cop whispering into the bullhorn! And, for the first time, I kinda liked one of the Doritos competition ads: Goat 4 Sale. But 3 have just stayed with me. They’re superb:

I like these two equally: RAM “Farmers” and Budweiser “Brotherhood”. They’re just fantastic craft skills, writing and emotive ideas.

However, my absolute favourite is the Coca Cola spot: “Security Cameras“. I didn’t expect it and, I’ll confess, I hadn’t seen it before. I know they “recreated” some of the footage, but it’s still superb – makes up for The Chase, which was just expensively dull and hard to see why people would vote (if they did)!