Adcritic have pointed out the possible inspiration for the latest Apple iPhone ad…

It was a 1995 movie, shot by Christian Marclay, called “Telephones” – there’s a clip posted here on YouTube

True. And the creatives may well have seen it.
But, is that bad?
Not the freshest topic, but it reminds me again of this issue. That of creative inspiration vs. new thought.

We used to joke that there were only “5 ideas in advertising anyway” – or 7, or whatever. But it was a foil for a truth that ideas were often inspired by things other people have done. Art that you’ve seen. Music you’ve heard. Director reels that contained a new production trick. etc… The difference now is that, when it happens, it’s too easy for everyone else to find the source material and it’s very, very easy for those people to spread the word on their discovery. So, quickly, we see the source as well.

Interestingly, in the same adcritic update, they show all the ideas used in the Oscars that came from advertising. Including W+K’s “Choir.”
What goes around, comes around, eh!