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This excerpt is from a Fortune article, March 1985, although I first saw it in Fallon/Senn’s book “Juicing the Orange” (which I’ll try and review this week):

“Fallon and McElligott first teamed up in 1974 in a part-time, freelance venture, Lunch Hour Limited. At the time, Fallon directed marketing at Martin Williams, a Minneapolis agency, while McElligott was creative director at rival Bozell & Jacobs. The partnership allowed them to write the kind of offbeat copy they say their own agencies rejected.”

There are lots of stories, particularly from US agencies, of people freelancing together before opening their own agencies. At least, I remember that Richard Kirshenbaum & Jon Bond did the same thing – I think that’s when they did the work on lingerie using floor media commenting that it was time to get new lingerie(before anyone did floor media too).

However, this one captured how I’m feeling about blogging at the moment – blogging being an escape from some of the realities that beset the day to day hassles – we can comment on anything and do so with a rather lovely sense of freedom. We can play and test out ideas with more latitude than before. And it feels like a community, even if most of it’s done on your own.

For me, blogging is “Lunch Hour Limited.”
And it’s rather great.

Clocks photo courtesy of LeoL30