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I don’t believe in this. At all.
Maybe the channel our TV arrives through will change. Hell, almost for sure.
But TeleVisual stuff won’t be outdone. Barring future technology that pumps directly to your brain!

However, let’s think about the reasons people extol it – because there’s usually some degree of truth in something that everyone’s raving about… And, for me, there’s a real argument in the cost of TV. That’s not a death knoll, but it’s bad news when you need real money to make real content. However, we seem to pay by audience, not by the quality of the content – maybe that could change?

I won’t reiterate the argument badly – particularly because there’s far more thinking on this topic from the great Garfield (Bob that is, not the fat cartoon cat)… here. Although, he finishes with these lyrics, and I think that just might be too cheesy – even if knowing the Buggles sang the song is critical music trivia:

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There’s also the examples of non-advertising things…

Subservient Chicken being the king of all examples – in fact, the best example of an idea that began online. btw, I know – this is a tired example, but you have to acknowledge it has power. Still!

And, things like Matt Harding’s dance around the world…
Which earned him a paid holiday.
And spawned a site (presumably ready for installment 2).
And fuels his own blog
And the video that has had over 6 million views on YouTube alone!!!

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Hell, he’s even done an out-takes video that already has over 700,000 views after 2 weeks!

(Note: Had ideas for lots more examples, but realised that wasn’t the point and stopped there!)

So, let me be clear – I’m not saying for one second that there’s no life beyond TV. That we can’t find new ways to bring brands to life. That there’s one answer and it’s an XX second ad (certainly not just a 30″ one!). Not at all.

I’m just against the idea that something has to die to satisfy what really is diversification… and extension… and stuff like that. Having actually read the whole of Garfield’s piece, I’ll grant is pretty compelling, but I’m left thinking of Richard’s post on TGI… this one

The key being this chart…

Because, isn’t this the real point?

That there are ads that simply annoy people and those are going to suffer in this world of choice. Which have multiplied over time.
Then there are ads that are worth every penny and every minute of conception. The little red bar that’s left.

And they should never be underestimated. Because they change things. They get us talking. And, they make brands…

Like this one, this one and this one… to just pick three – which was hard and took no time at all – unlike finding the digital examples!