I got asked this recently and found it harder to answer than I’d expected…

What are the best examples of digital?
The ones that transcend a ‘cool digital thing’ and could be carried to other media.

Really what I’m looking for here is a bevvy of suggestions from any readers… Happy to look stupid if there’s lots of them, even, but I’d like to have 5 stellar examples to give creatives on this one topic. But, things that are genuinely ideas – and could (or did) exist way beyond digital media.

There’s some obvious stuff:

1. Subservient Chicken

Picture 3-3

2. ?????

That’s my problem – I can think of cool stuff, but in the really big category there’s just one that everyone talks about.

Other stuff that gets close, but doesn’t quite feel big enough (for me) includes:

a. The Warholizer – Tate Modern put this on their front page and after “Warholizing” your face, it would be the image on the front page for 15 minutes (as per the great Warhol quote – “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes!”). There’s an example of it here now. And, in the top image. Anyway, it’s great, it’s digital, but it’s a short-term thing. Sorry – can’t remember the agency who did it!

b. Matt Harding – See post below… But, again, this was a promotional stunt really, wasn’t it?!

c. Lynx Feather – not to dismiss it, but not a ‘bigger than digital’ thing, is it!

d. Ms Dewey – admittedly, a search engine isn’t trying to be more than digital, but still. Great, but not an idea beyond digital.

e. Adidas – Adicolor… Although I can’t find the web app, but hey ho. Here’s the original thing from Sneaker Freaker about the shoes… so that’s not at all digital. But it did spawn digital and other comms. However, that’s not a digital-first campaign.

There’s also some fantastic examples of digital work – just look at Profero’s work, Glue’s work and Agency Republic for starters. But I don’t know that any of them are big ideas. Beyond digital.

And, from there I get to lots of other examples of campaigns that included great digital work – mostly from CP+B or GS&P more recently.

So, what am I missing? What is great? What should I be looking at?
Or am I just being too harsh on the current work out there?