I’ve got this weird obsession with type at the moment – moving type in particular.
It’s like trying to learn a new art. Not that I’ve actually learnt to do anything yet.
But I keep on seeing things and thinking: “I like that. Wouldn’t presentations be more interesting if they flowed like that, rather than being all powerpoint-y and dull?!”

This film on the ‘Encyclopedia of Life‘ does it quite nicely – in a similar way to that Web 2.0 film that was going around a while back – posted here.

There’s also the treatment they use for the closing titles of of “An Inconvenient Truth” – which is my favourite one to date.

Anyone actually know how it’s done – is it in the realms of ‘do it at home on your Mac’ or more in the ‘that’s hella-difficult’ category of learning to do something? Any resources that are great to learn this stuff? etc…