Chungaiz showed me a new Tooheys ad yesterday – I wanted to see it again because, frankly, I couldn’t make head nor tail of it!

But, in the wonderful world of YouTube, it didn’t come up first time – so I got to see a load of Tooheys ads – some for the the first time.
And, all of which I understood… unlike the one I’d been looking for!

First, I found this one

Then I found this rather bizarre and disturbing number

So, then, I actually found the one I was looking for

Cool music. Beautifully shot. Got that weird style to it still.
But, what?!
What’s with the party? is that part of the ‘must have’ list for the ad?
Hey, it’s cool to watch, but it just seems to take a long time to get to a rather spurious point.
(much like many posts found here!)

So, I was left slightly disappointed.