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Given that we spend our lives trying to find the factors that make any product or brand more desirable to people – trying to expose those reasons that make people want something more than if they know nothing – in short, trying to give one product/brand an advantage over the alternatives…

Well, this kind of thing sounds pretty scary!

Makes me glad that the brands I work on are generally innocuous… but I can feel for the people involved in this (to some degree) – not that I would like to work on pharma (and really wouldn’t like to work on this kind of drug within that market) – because it’s the job, really… we’re meant to find out what the product does with help from all the product engineers, etc. and then build campaigns out of the most compelling factors. So, if this rule applied to everything, how many campaigns would survive? How much would be true enough to carry on being the central idea? How many of us would also be in court?

Note to self: Query more! Check it’s 100% true.