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But that’s not the point of this post…

Scamp (who, if you don’t already read, you should start doing), just wrote a good piece on Online D&AD awards.
Admittedly, he’s quoted someone else, so this is actually one of those “I know someone who knows someone” stories…

His piece is called “digital and the emperors new clothes.”

Have a read – because I think he makes a good point. And, I’ve written before about this topic – although that did prompt a rather tough conversation with the legendary Daniele at Profero. Because he was wondering how I’d missed out some of the great stuff they’ve done – like the Mini work and Frank, etc… – particularly since I know it well. At the time, I tried to point out that it was meant to prompt people to react with better examples. And it worked to a degree too. But I guess it just pissed some people off as well.

And I wonder if Scamp isn’t trying the same, too… Because, although not all online work is poor, he’s got a point – a lot of the stuff that is getting awarded feels less potent than other media. There’s such a phenomenal degree of interaction that you should be able to do more than grab 2 minutes of people’s time with a game that you don’t feel vested to after a quick play around. And, so much of it seems to be ignorable nowadays. Online banners have a less than 1% chance of getting clicked. Hits are disguising the real viewing figures and it’s hard to know whether the audience is exactly who you want. Blah, blah, blah… In short, things aren’t quite as exciting as we’d think given the amount of attention we direct towards digital as an industry. And, some of the work feels smaller than it could be.

But doesn’t it feel like there’s a whopping great dollop of possibility out there in the digital world?
It does to me – there’s better to come, I believe.