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I went to this conference/show/competition thingy a while ago – but just before I went away, then things got busy with new business, so apologies for the stale posting!

Anyway, it was an interesting day – most of all because it puts into perspective your cases on things – having just written an APG paper on the HP case, it really highlighted how good your thought needs to have been to really stand up against the competition. It always seems like it’s a brilliant idea internally, but this day really highlighted how good (or bad) your case can be.

For me, there were a few rather interesting people and few really interesting cases.

First off, the top 2 were definitely the best – although, I’d have thrown in an honourable mention for Matt Dykes and the Monopoly case. It wasn’t quite the Billion-dollar earner that Sainsburys and Diamonds proved to be, but it was a truly interesting example of taking digital ideas to the street – mixing digital with the real world being a rather interesting thing, methinks.

Craig M (AMV BBDO) presented flawlessly – the man is unflappable and he’s presenting a case that he clearly knows well – plus, one that produced superb results. I thought he’d win, to be honest. I guess the man from New York just had more of a ‘business idea’ in his case – he also had gorgeous charts, done in the style of the JWT campaign for De Beers… you can’t beat a bit of style when the substance is already there!

Finally, you can’t talk about the day without mentioning two other presenters – they didn’t enter the competition, but did do short pieces on stuff they thought was interesting. The first is Jon Steel – damn he’s good – I haven’t yet seen him present where you’re not hanging on his every word. And the second was George Bryant. I’ve met him a couple of times and always been blown away by his thinking on planning and sheer passion for it, but this was the icing on the cake for me – he’s brilliant. If you get the chance, talk to him, hire him, or go work for him!

One final observation – when you’re presenting and using pictures, they better be good. Pictures of a marching band while you talk about ‘marching to the beat of the same drum’ or something like that may need a new chapter in Jon’s book…