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So there I was, flicking through the latest crop of ads from Brand Republic… I don’t know if you need a password to view them, but you might. Except the last one, which is neatly up on YouTube already.

Picture 3-13

New Orange Gold Spot featuring Val Kilmer and I’m licking my lips with anticipation.
But, sadly, left feeling a little disappointed – I love these ads. But this one ain’t good enough… maybe there’s just too much product message? Did the original ones just talk about a simpler message – well, not really, I don’t think. And the gags about Top Gun are great. Does it need more of a shift – more change? Dunno – something’s just not hitting me like they used to.

Picture 4-6

So, next up was the Smirnoff ad – big production number and holds attention. Pretty darn good, I thought.

Then I clicked on the BK/Simpsons ad – expecting a wan tie-in ad – you know, the sort of thing that leaves you thinking “ho hum” – and how wrong I was. It’s a beauty – a real gem – enjoy it…

Of course, the BK ad was also easy to find and watch on YouTube – the others aren’t – shame that we don’t all post ads there – free media: why wouldn’t you? (I take it that’s not a digital deadly sin??!).