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I don’t normally post more general things, but this seems worthy of exception – and you could think about it as being a more modern version of the old-day “viral” films – the difference being that things go viral for so many different reasons now – rather than just being funny. Or sick. Or porn, which is where it all started, really, isn’t it!

Anyway, this vide had over 15 million views when I watched it – it’s over 8 minutes long too, so it defies that “3 minutes roughly” rule (at least, that’s the rule I heard a while ago – for things that people will watch online without it being sought out viewing – or known content value).

It’s worth following the links around and watching a few of the associated videos, but this is something to watch – it takes a while to build, so don’t worry if you’re not amazed in the first 3 minutes!…

Click here if the embedded version doesn’t play for any reason.