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I stumbled across this on AdCritic – which is now Creativity Online – while trying to find something else and getting stymied by the non-functioning search function (oh how we get used to things working online!)… Anyway, that’s all irrelevant. Now, ignoring the monkey visual that cuts in for a second on good old George Bush’ face (and any political storm that could create), don’t you just love this?

Click here if you can’t see the embedded version.

And why… Because it’s compelling viewing. Without any ‘customer insight.’
It’s not an ad so much as a piece of branded entertainment. Wrapped up in product.
Probably didn’t take a lot of planning – in the old sense of that term (customer mining for insights and strategic focus) – but must have taken a lot of thinking from the whole team to rationalise why a piece of content like that could put a brand on the map. And that’s still planning in my books. Because we should be doing planning as part of the whole process of creating communication and not as some sort of foreplay to creating effective work.

It’s part of a bigger thought that’s brewing in my mind, but felt worth adding in. Even if it’s a bit half thought through!

All of this is thanks to this agency, by the way…

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