Picture 4-7

OK. You start off thinking “What The…??!!”

Then you begin to twig it.

And then you smile. Well, I did.

It has nothing to do with Cadburys Dairy Milk, but you can bet more people will discuss this ad (and Dairy Milk) than anything else for quite some time… I won’t say too much more because you have to watch it yourself, but I will say that I started off thinking “Is it Emperors New Clothes?” and ended up thinking “Genius!” You can’t do this ad nauseam, but this is a perfect example of entertaining people rather than using some half-hearted insight to drive communication.

Click here if the embedded version isn’t working.

Personally, I think it works. It takes the abstraction of “Balls” to a new height – and may lead to bad copycat versions, but it’s the embodiment of branded content as advertising.