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Sony Blu Ray have launched a new site – extolling the virtues of high resolution.

Have a look at the museum of low resolution. It’s kind of like those museums you go to in weird European cities. Where there are only about 5 things to see and it’s almost interesting, but feels a bit pointless – lots of stunning sections. Some really good v/o talk through. Some nice ideas. Just lacking content that really grabs you.

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Maybe that’s unfair – there’s lots to look at, but just nothing (that I found before getting bored) to play with. And the constant stream of “Blue vs. Red Laser” info begins to feel like propaganda quickly. It’s a beautiful experience, but it feels like it needs to have more exciting content behind it.

Or, to put it another way, it looks like the agency did a stunning job with some rather dry content!

Click here to see for yourself…