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Scamp wrote a good piece last week on who should be held accountable. Well, accountable according to a quick poll from his blog, anyway.

And planners come in for some finger-pointing. Which seems fair. Although painful. But then I started thinking more about it and…

It used to be that planners dictated the message (the USP) and were the analysts of the results. Therefore, they were the primary culprits for ineffectiveness as well as effectiveness.

Today, that doesn’t quite work, though. Ads aren’t simple vehicles to deliver ‘Selling Messages.’

We are all trying to find ideas. And good ones are usually a combination of the media, the message (if there is a rational message at all), the values/tone/attitude and the creative delivery… in other words (maybe simpler put), you can’t divorce the message from the execution anymore. As such, there is no single person to point the finger at. You have to accept that the whole game becomes a team thingy – with shared responsibility. Shared success. And shared failure.

I think that’s why I still respect Mother for refusing to identify individuals on work – and ascribing credit on everything to ‘Mother.’ Although maybe they’re just protecting themselves from people being hired out of there!

And it’s why the new Gorilla ad from Fallon is such an interesting piece of work. You can’t do things like this when you’re obsessing about the planning piece – the insight, the USP, the proposition, etc… – you have to be thinking about what produces results – the answer to a business issue/opportunity/need/desire/ or whatever you want to call that.

This is as true for TV ads as it is for digital – it’s about finding ideas, not about the media they appear in. Just make sure they’re generous ideas, per Richard’s piece!