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The old adage was that there’s no such thing as bad PR.

Yet here we have a Miss USA contestant who stumbled on a question – you could think a number of things, one being that it’s pretty intense pressure when you’re up on the stage and she just crumbled a bit under the pressure. Whatever you think, it’s clear her answer was a bit of a mess.
So much so that, as I posted this, I counted around 20,716,000 views for her on Youtube (adding up all the views on the same video posted by different people – but only the first page of search results).

So, the question is, will it make her a star or not.
And, given the hunger for celebrity and the power of TV, my bet is that it will.
The content will be forgotten, while the face will become ‘known’ – and that’s enough.
After all, look at the wealth and coverage still afforded by some of our own fallen BB stars.

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