Picture 4-12

Makes me want to try BA again.
Although I’ve never found them to be as warm as the Virgin Atlantic crew, who really do spoil you.
But “upgrade” is a nice idea. Not to be poo-poo’d!

More than that, though, I love that they’ve uploaded the ads themselves – made a YouTube user of British Airways and included the ‘making of’ film. Because I just don’t understand why we leave the YouTube’ing of our ads to chance – if people might opt to watch ads, that’s far more potent than forcing them out there. So, why wouldn’t you encourage it? We should all be doing that.

And agencies should have a ‘reel’ running on YouTube all the time – why not?
Yet I can’t find an agency that does – feel free to comment with links if you know any that buck this!

Meanwhile, back to BA…

The Ad:

And the ‘Making of’ video: