As we all read about the fortune being made for a tiny percentage of facebook being sold, we shouldn’t forget the relative might of YouTube.

And here’s the reality… YouTube rules!

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It’s part of a bigger shift going on (I think) – which is the slow move to video on the Internet being part of our more general entertainment viewing. As people (very slowly, I’ll admit) become used to getting mainstream entertainment through the Internet AND the Internet becomes more connected to our television screens, the desire for video material becomes stronger. As such, the connections that we get from mySpace, Bebo and facebook will still add to our lives, but the Internet will start to replace some of our traditional channels more quickly.

Personally, I’d bet that this will accelerate quickly in the next few years. Soon, we’ll have more general access to Joost, iPlayer, and more specific channels like YouTUbe directly from our TV screens – and that viewing will become a part of household shared viewing.

It’s not exactly a revolutionary prediction – but I’m reminded every once in a while when I look at the Alexa rankings to see what people are actually doing…

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