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The real question is whether this becomes the most over-blogged topic of the week.
Despite that, I’ll dive in…

And say that I love it. The stop-frame animation is superb. The bunnies are cute as hell and there are a few surprises in there.

Go here to see the ad.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m looking forward to seeing it on a big screen – live on TV. It just feels like it deserves more screen that a little window on the computer…

Meanwhile, have a look at the intro stuff – I love these little things while you wait for the page to load. People are getting really good at them and these are lovely examples – I caught a few snapshots, but there’s loads and new ones every time you visit (so far, at least!).

Picture 2-33

Picture 3-24

Picture 4-13

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