US guy-gets-girl movie where the slacker art is taken to the extreme by this guy named Steve. Who is also seriously cool.

Anyway, he has three rules… which I’ve snap-shot (is that a word?) from the official site

Picture 1

Picture 2-3

Picture 3

Keith McVaney (now Planning Director at Arnold, Boston) and I tried to use this as an analogy for brands a while ago. And, for some reason, I was reminded of it today.

Rule 1 is a good reference for the fact that brands that seem desperate and try to hard to sell will always be a functional choice – thereby making them very prone to being switched out of a repertoire.

Rule 2 is easy – Be really great at something – not everything, but one thing. And make sure people see it. In other words, back it up with some substance but don’t try to make 5 points when 1 will do.

Rule 3 is trickier – the idea of retreating seems an anathema to us guardians of the brand. But, think about it – if you really went out and proved yourself, created a desire. Then, do you need to go on promotion too quickly? Or, more to the point, don’t devalue your brand by making deals too quickly. Or being all over the place so people get bored.

Keith had another thing about Ubuntu, but that’s best left unspoken!

That’s it for today. A movie day…