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Picture comes from a lovely little site. Called tinyvices.com – also worth looking at.

Is it wrong if Sony Play-Doh was inspired by artists?
After all, that was a static image, and the ad is a moving thing – that alone is a leap of imagination.

Was it a sin that a Gorilla drumming had appeared in some crap ads previously (or was maybe inspired by The Mighty Boosh)? Does it really matter if Balls was done on a smaller scale prior to the ad?

Let’s stop being the critics of the best work we’re seeing come out of London agencies!

We all want great work – that’s what makes the job exciting. And, face it, this is the best, most talked about creativity that we’re seeing – ads that real people talk about and like, not just us advertising people – hence the debate. Unless someone wants to discuss why the majority of FMCG ads follow the exact same formula as each other (which is a far worse sin in my books).

So, unless you’re out there writing ideas like Balls, Paint, Play-Doh, Gorilla, and the like, then can you really question the inspiration points?

Incidentally, I don’t know Juan Cabral. This isn’t a defense for someone I know or ever worked with. But I’d rather see more ads like these being produced than argue over the source of his inspiration.

While I’m ranting, there’s an interesting website on this topic – the Wu Ming Foundation – where they believe in the motto “OMNIA SUNT COMMUNIA (All things are common)” and write about their idea of CopyLeft. Worth a read for mere curiosity!

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