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Stella have launched a new site – here.

It’s an indulgent (and I mean that in a good way) romp through the world of Stella Artois, starting with a film in many chapters – allowing you to break and enter the site or carry on watching. I haven’t had a chance to look around the whole thing, but I did find a link to all the Stella ads, past and present. And that in itself is a link worth having to hand!

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The whole thing uses a lot of french language, which I still love them for – you get more quality from that touch alone than you ever would from understanding every word that’s spoken.

Long may they continue to produce this work. It’s fantastic. And Stella Artois remains a premium brand as a result of this work never flinching from extolling the premium values and rarity of the beer. Not bad for a mass-market beer that’s on tap and the Belgians have always considered to be cooking lager!