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It’s not running anymore (and I slightly wonder if that isn’t part of the pull that it has – i.e., being available only at christmas, rather than year-round), the OfficeMax ‘Elf Yourself’ Christmas/Holidays promo now has some results attached to it… and they make one hell of a case study…

Reported in full here.

But, here’s the excerpt you need:

In the six weeks from Nov. 20, 2007 to Jan. 2, 2008, the site had over 193 million visits and over 123 million elves were created–which is 60 elves per second. Users spent a combined average of 2,600 years on the site.

In the five weeks from Dec. 1, 2006 to Jan. 7, 2007, the site had over 36 million site visits and over 11 million elves were created (41,00 per hour at its peak.) Users spent a combined equivalent of 600 years on the site.

The success of “Elf Yourself,” created by EVB San Francisco and Toy NY, is in part due to three fundamentals, according to a spokesperson for the agencies: 1)Keep it simple, 2) Make it personal and 3) Give people a reason to pass it on.”