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This is not the most exciting, nor captivating ad. But it does highlight something I’ve been looking at recently and thinking about – namely that there’s a big difference between TV ads that prompt you to get involved on a web site and ones that blithely go about the old-time business of telling you something and then hoping that’s enough (usually now with a web address at the end so you can go and google the brand name anyway).

I don’t think that we’ve got to a point where it only works if you engage people. Not at all. But it does strike me that we are too often “extending” campaigns into digital rather than making the whole thing one big continuous conversation with people. And a lot of the stuff out there today that is really great doesn’t feel like ‘bits’ of a campaign, but just one big glorious exciting thought – in lots of places.

So, off I go to brewsomegood.ca to see whether people are getting involved – I hope so, because otherwise I’ll wish I’d looked before writing this!