So, there’s a game of ‘tag’ going on between bloggers and I’ve been tagged.

In my typical, somewhat middle-aged, cautious way, I’m concerned that it’s a modern chain letter. And chain letters are bad. Pure evil.

But, in this case, it’s come from Amber over at Secret Pizza Party. And she’s far too cool and far too interesting to be ignored. And, she’d never do anything bad. Plus, along the way, I found Gareth Kay’s blog, which I hadn’t seen before. So, good has come from it already – although I still read it with a slight feeling of doom – particularly, since it breaks my general approach of sticking to commentating, rather than including any personal details! Anyway, here goes…


The rules are you have to reveal 5 things about yourself (oh joy!) and then name 5 blogs you admire (much easier), so here goes…

First off, some (hopefully beige enough to be instantly forgettable) personal stuff:

1. I grew up in Belgium (and still think Stella Artois is cooking beer as a result)
2. I’m not Belgian. Not even a little bit.
3. One of my first summer jobs was canvassing for an art company in New York – as a result, I have actually been physically thrown from the Chrysler building by two burly security guards. I don’t recommend anyone else doing Bunac should follow that path.
4. I can remember almost nothing – then, from nowhere I can remember pointless things with vivid clarity. Which annoys me to this day. And is getting worse.
5. I still love advertising and planning – shallow as that may be, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.

And, five blogs that I like (and aren’t so obvious you’ll all have seen them)…

1. Brain Sells – from the genius Hashem at Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Even if his posting’s somewhat sporadic now!
2. 5 Blogs before lunch – although it doesn’t quite live up to the name exactly!
3. Motionographer – somewhere to browse for hours
4. Herd – from Mark Earls
5. Ahenault – finally, something dual language from Alexandre Henault