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Somewhat late to discover this, but I found e-Government this morning and was quite impressed!

It all started with the usual email asking for support on a petition. This time it’s to do with road tax – but in the form of a monitoring box that goes in your car. I’m not anti taxing road use, but I don’t like the idea that Big Brother can pinpoint where I am at any minute – all a bit too Minority Report! Plus, there’s the occasional speeding moment that you don’t want to admit to, but may happen and being instantly fined for a momentary indiscretion feels like it takes the nanny state a step too far.

Which is all just some waffle for how I got from an email to the actual petition site. However, once I got there, I was amazed that we’ve (in little Britain) got such a sophisticated set of tools to feedback to our government. Have a look here

However, having removed the barrier of getting off your derriere and going out on the streets to canvass people who will support any petition, does it reduce it to a point where the most ridiculous concepts can be quickly put in front of government, wasting more time and resource on side-issues when we desperately need some very basic institutions to be fixed first?

I guess it will come down to the ‘wisdom of crowds’ concept – will we all vote for proposals/petitions that need attention or will it become a forum for tomfoolery and mad-capped petitioning?

Despite my usual cynicism, I’m still impressed that it exists. Lets hope it proves to be a force for good…