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Mother have launched their new spot for PG Tips.

Featuring ‘Monkey’ from the ITV Digital campaign. And Johnny Vegas. And T’Pau!

First thing to marvel at is its sheer length – 2 minutes! In an age of ROI, I’ve been in a number of conversations where we discuss the possibility of doing a longer spot length to cut through the 30 second clutter on TV today. Unfortunately, it hasn’t ever resulted in breaking past the concerns that incremental cost won’t be proved worthwhile. Paint did it, and Honda tend to run longer spot lengths too, but for an FMCG (packaged goods) brand to run something of this length is rare.

The second thing to marvel at is the subtlety and poignancy of the spot – that’s not even the right way to put it, but I can’t find the words I’m so stunned by this one. It’s sheer brilliance – a spot you can watch repeatedly and captures a moment of British tea-ness like I’ve never seen before. It’s funny, touching and acutely well observed.

Finally, the ability to send up the idea of advertising while doing it so well. It’s got that self-conscious thing without being trite or trivial.

So, without further blather from me, here it is – courtesy of YouTube