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This is interesting… I got this email a bit ago…

MotiveQuest is launching a new website, Brand Advocacy ’08 www.brandadvocacy08.com We will use our Online Promoter Score to predict the outcome of the 2008 USA presidential election.

David, our CEO is so convinced of this metric that if we are wrong, and fail to correctly predict the outcome of the election, he will shave his head on You Tube for your delight. (Sounds like an old Remington ad…)

Every day we gather around 30,000 conversations among 6,000 people and analyze them for advocacy and word associations. Then we update the website with advocacy scores and the top 10 words associated with Obama and McCain. You can also get these updates directly by downloading the BA’08 Widget.

(You may remember that we developed the Online Promoter Score as a measure of online brand advocacy working with BSSP and Mini USA . Working with researchers from Northwestern University, we proved with 99.8% confidence the correlation between online advocacy and sales.)

Let’s see how they do!