I found this on Amazon at the beginning of the year and ordered it immediately. I was quite excited when it arrived, since the feeling that they don’t do things normally starts at the cover which is crudely abrasive – made of a fine sandpaper… which, if you read the back cover is explained…

“The abrasive nature of this book’s cover is no mistake. This way every time you pick it up, a small number of skin cells are harvested and stored in the grain itself. So whenever you take from the book, the book takes from you. And later, when you pass it down to your children, and they pass it down to their children, and those children’s children decide to have you cloned from your own DNA, well, you’ll be right their on the shelf. When you consider that the current cost of cryogenic freezing is $28,000, this book may be the most cost effective purchase you’ve ever made.”

Now, tell me that’s not the sort of book you’d be interested in!

Although, to be fair, this book won’t really tell you how CP+B go about doing what they do, but it does give you a really good feel for their attitude to advertising/hoopla… and it’ll give you some examples of work that you should know – but may not have heard about – particularly in the UK.

Buy it, but consider taking the cover off to read…

And, while you’re at it, take a look at their web site too.