Manthem, another ad I really like has been pulled in the UK.

This ad is another Crispin Porter + Bogusky creation. See it here at YouTube if the above embedded link doesn’t work.

Here’s the excerpt from Brand Republic’s newsletter…

LONDON – The advertising watchdog has banned a Burger King TV ad showing men singing the praise of its Double Whopper. However, the ban was not because of complaints about the burger’s unhealthiness, rather its exaggerated size in the ad.

And go here to see the full article.

Not only was it on the grounds that the burger looked too big (“By the beard of Zeus!” to quote Ron Burgundy) but I’m amazed to see that this was upheld based on 12 complaints – that’s roughly 0.000025% of the British population. Yup – we’ve found somewhere where every vote counts… finally.

Funny old business, this.