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Is it wrong to love this? I know it’s YouTube entertainment brought to TV – but isn’t that the entire point? Bring entertainment to television and broadcast it to a bigger audience… (Then dozens of people upload it onto YouTube to boost that audience!)

I’ll admit that I watched it 4 times in a row – and you can’t say that for most ads you see on TV – many of them would drive you crazy if you gave them 4 repeat viewings… So, for me it definitely does the entertainment. It made me smile. I sent it to people. I dragged my wife in to watch it. I talked to colleagues to see what they thought. All stuff we’d be cagging to make happen if we were writing communications. So, congratulations again to Fallon.

The “message” is still non-existent, which was the whole debate in the first place, but maybe this proves you don’t really need it. When the Cadbury brand can genuinely say that it believes in ‘spreading joy’ and that’s something that we can all relate to – a lot more than a specific selling message. maybe? Thank goodness this one is good after “Trucks!”

Backed up by a site that builds on it…

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