The more time you spend with this book, the more you find a few hidden extras.


First, I found a hint from MINIappolis as a comment to my earlier piece on the book itself. Anyway, I finally found the time to get to the book with a knife and, sure enough, there’s a hidden little gem in there – unsurprisingly co-authored by Evan Fry, who I think I’ve referred to in the past as well (a good friend and an awesome copywriter – or Creative Director, as he now is). I’ll leave you the same sense of mystery and anticipation, but it’s worth digging out…

Picture 1-6

Then, I managed to find the Hoopla site following a link referred to in the book.
And, on this site you can see most of the book – maybe all of it, I dunno!
You even seem to be able to buy CP+B paraphernalia – although I didn’t take that right to the point of purchase… looks like it, though!
So, go have a look here at the site.