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This is one of those “interesting” concept ideas, right up to the point where it becomes the home for the latest Peperami brief and The Guardian writes an article about how Unilever are ditching their ad agency to see what comes out of crowdsourcing creative ideas. At which point, it becomes a very real alternative to having an ad agency… well, depending on the outcome. And it will be fascinating to see what comes out of it.

At the same time, it’s sad – because Still Price Lintas (that merged into Lowe) was the agency that invented the Peperami character and now any creative can write a story around it. Without them getting a penny. And, the reality is, the difficult bit was inventing it in the first place. So, is it OK that we still don’t own any future revenue streams off the ideas we generate? A problem that has been around a long time with little resolution. But, as we enter a world where content and characters are the value, could agencies be giving too much away for little reward?