Writing my last post drew me to visit the “Never Hide” youtube page again, which I haven’t done in a few months (or more).

I’ve posted about this campaign a number of times, but then it’s good, so why not?! And they’ve added more to it. From the beginning, they’ve taken a ‘be prepared for some to be niche and some to go mass’ approach to adding content to YouTube, and it’s really worked. What now exists is a channel worthy of spending some serious time on – with everything from the light-hearted fun of “guy catches glasses with face” catch, through the product demo that is the “super chameleon” (albeit damn watchable still), the darkness that is “cow gives birth to a dude“, or the sheer arty joy of “color goes pop“… see here for all those films.

They haven’t stopped there, though – there’s a FaceBook page which gives fans all the latest news. There’s a Flickr site with all the movie posters on it. I didn’t find a Twitter user, but that might be bad searching!

Love it. Truly love it.