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I was perusing the web and reading the Hall and Partners site when their “Fresh Meet” blog link caught my eye. And I’m glad it did. Not simply because they’ve used the same design template for their blog – although it’s a sign of great taste, for sure! No – they had a pecha kucha night, used the term “how meta” and plenty more – just in one of their posts! And there’s plenty more to read on there.

Go here to see the full line up of speakers from that pecha kucha night, but just in case you’re too lazy for a full helping, absolutely watch this talk from Paul Barton (of Brooklyn Brothers). In this, he talks about the need to really define the business task before getting all twisted up in looking at your proposition. And that’s simple, smart thinking we should all listen to. Far too often, we all leap into the task of solving the brief, rather than worrying about what the problem was in the first place and finding a truly disruptive way of tackling it, reframing it or simply interrogating it properly before we begin.

I’ll boldly assert this now: You cannot lose by spending time really understanding what it is you’re trying to achieve. At the very least, whatever comes next will have genuine purpose. More likely than not, though, you’ll actually give yourself the thrust to find something far better in your strategy.