Hmm. Re-reading (I should learn to proof-read, really!) my previous post, you could do an ad connections game, couldn’t you – See if you can do it…

Get from Sony “Double Life” – the most award-winning commercial ever (to date, and with the caveat that I believe this is true, but don’t have absolute proof!):

(Respect to James Sinclair while we’re on that one. Ed too, but James for writing perfect prose on the train journey into work one day!).

Right, so start easy – link through copy, scene, people, director or agency in as complicated a route as possible back to Shake n Vac

This is one of Trevor Beattie’s favourite ads, by the way. At least, it was back in the early 90’s when I did a “Top ads of all time” session with creative directors at the IPA. I’ll admit, he may have updated his preference since then!