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It’s that time of year and I’ve just sat through what may be the entire set of ads (it’s hard to know when you’re only watching them online)… However, it’s slim pickings this year, I think. There’s plenty that’s good. But there’s few that are truly great. And there’s a lot more stuff I’ve seen before than usual – good use of YouTube inspiration for dramatic animals on Carmax and one that looks superb unless you’ve seen the UK Vauxhall Corsa ads (Kia). Which is a shame, because that would have made my top 5 otherwise. And it’s part of the reason that a top five ended up being more of a “top 3 and some other stuff”…

1. Coke – two superb spots this year. The Simpsons one is my favourite, albeit borrowed interest (well used, though). Sleepwalker is beautifully done too.

2. Deutsch come out of the gate swinging with a great spot for VW.

3.’s Fiddling Beaver from

Backed up by the online fiddling beaver (elf me style)…

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And then some other notable stuff…

Bud Light had 4 solid spots – Stranded is my favourite, but they’re all good.

Hyundai’s ode to paint. Don’t know who did it, but it’s captivating.

And, finally,… and the uber-effective strategy that is suggesting you’ll see more at (a ‘call to action’ that I’m guessing works!).