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Following on from an earlier post on the lovely Absolut film, I got pulled back in from an online ad and saw that there’s a “mentions” meter on each facet of the “Absolut World” film… which I really like – it’s more of a ‘mentions’ of the word than a genuine meter of sentiment or link to the Absolut ideal, but still.

The online ad had me intrigued enough to click, which is pretty rare…

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Although I suspect I then got ‘weeded out’ for arriving from a UK IP address, since I never got to enter my vision of an Absolut world. It’s time that brands realise the web will act globally, so not doing so yourself is just annoying!

Still, I had a wander around, ended up on the New Zealand site somehow, then ended up downloading another iPhone app that tickled enough to get a place on my phone…

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Not bad, although I left feeling they could do so much more – where’s the extension of that original thought? Although I suspect the answer is “on the US site” – and it is: you can get there by substituting your country code in the URL for “us” or maybe this link will work… And the whole site is so much better than the UK version – packed with a lot more engaging content, rather than just some films and product info!

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