Not that I’m surprised, since my list was self-confessedly biased and questionable, but I’m still slightly surprised by the results of the USA Today Superbowl ranking.

Here’s the top ten…

Picture 4-3

Full article on it here

We agree on a few of them, but this looks more like a brand popularity test, doesn’t it?

Maybe that’s the whole point: people like ads from brands they like. Duh. It’s like doing groups – recruiting and running groups on beer is a dream job. People want to come. Even us reserved Brits get all animated when we’re talking beer! But, try and do the same for directory enquiries or dandruff shampoo and you’ll have a struggle on your hands – every step of the way.

But still, the crabs feels fairly ok compared to others.
And the Budweiser work wasn’t good enough overall to dominate.

But that’s the lovely thing about having an opinion… It’s only that.
Lots of people have them.