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Great new spot from Toyota. It’s been out for a little bit, so apologies if you’ve seen it already. But what a great way to hit a minivan/people carrier positioning.

I wrote a brief years ago for the Toyota Previa that wasn’t as good as this, but was similar – it was trying to position a minivan as a symbol of virility for men – the thought being you shouldn’t be ashamed of driving a car that takes a lot of children. It just means you’re a man who produced a lot of children. Trying to take head-on the “that’s not the sort of car I want to end up in – it’s a symbol of being a man subsumed by his family.” And I think they’ve nailed that with this ad…

There’s a YouTube channel and a Facebook page to round out the social connection. As well as a link to a landing page on the Toyota site that brings in the car info and options… digging into the YouTube channel, I’m not loving the other content as much, but then it’s harder-working and they did get me to have a look, so it does the job it needs to.

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