Another lost iPhone, another glimpse into the near future…

Screen shot 2010-05-15 at 14.24.05.png

What if your marketing strategy was to “lose iPhones” (or any other piece of tech), in order to seed interest and get awareness up pre-launch?

It would be a smart, cheap route to get PR coverage and you’d get huge awareness amongst the people most likely to be your first purchasers.

You’d have to act enraged… and in the news today, we’ve found out that “Court documents in the case of the lost iPhone prototype have been unsealed, revealing that Apple itself asked for the search warrant of an online journalist’s home.” suggesting that they are suitably pissed-off by the event.

On the one hand, it strikes me as ludicrous, because Apple’s real strategy is to design the most stunning, usable technology, then to go to every length to ensure that the launch is as eagerly anticipated as possible.

Yet, what if the leaks have always proved useful – only going to build even more interest? Would you prompt some?

To be honest, I don’t believe the theory, I just like the idea.

The shame is that another manufacturer can’t use this trick. But I don’t think many would have the following that results in big money being paid to see a new prototype. Maybe it’s because they’re all so desperately seeding everything in the hope they can drive interest? Maybe it’s because the products aren’t held in high enough esteem? Maybe they just haven’t tried…

Maybe only Apple could do it?