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There’s something unassailable about being great. I say that in context of work and I’m obsessing this idea at the moment because I’m writing up a short presentation into a bigger piece for the Miami Ad School Europe, so forgive my one-track mindedness.

Anyway, on to Mad Men…

I saw today that they’ve done a “job interview” to engage people pre-premiere. Which I just went through. I’m delighted to say they’ve offered me a job as a copywriter (although they’re clear that my “work history isn’t great”). Go here to see it and have a go.

Now, here’s the thing… It’s a series of 7 questions. It’s not very exciting or engaging. The questions aren’t that funny. And the outcome’s fairly mundane. But, with all the heritage and potency that comes from Mad Men, that didn’t end up being that off-putting. And I think this is what greatness gives you – you’ll engage with something that comes with a good dose of “great”. You let it be OK and still enjoy it, even – so long as that’s the exception, not the trend. It’s how Apple survived. It’s how Harley-Davidson survived.

It’s still a shame they didn’t live up to the brand, though. More “great” would have been even better.